Taiwanese Stay Safe!

I just read through the news, saw that there is natural disaster in Taiwan. Then, I remember all the fun times I had back in my Taiwan trip last December. The place is beautiful and the people there were friendly. Hence, I decided to write my experience there. Over the next few days, I will be cracking my head and try to recall all the things that happened during that period and pen down my thoughts, experiences and what happened during my much anticipated trip.

Meanwhile, people there STAY SAFE!


Currently, the 6.4 magnitude Taiwan earthquake has claimed the lives of 14 and 280 are injured.


Read more here: http://www.latimes.com/world/asia/la-fg-taiwan-earthquake-20180209-story.html

Mousehunt Dog Jade Base

Dog Jade Base can be obtained during the 2018 Lunar New Year quest. Complete the quest by catching the required mice and get lit 10 lanterns.

I feel that this base is pretty strong because the base stats are already better than bases like Eerier Base with very low hunter points’ requirement. Many if not all the hunters will be able to get it with some level of grinding.

At 375 power, it is considers a good Power base stat, 12% power bonus is decent and 10 luck is above average. It even has an attraction bonus which is a plus considering not many other bases offer it.


Overall, I think it is a must-get base for almost all hunters at all ranks because it is an above average base. Unless you have other bases better than this, likely because you are at a higher rank or have bought a base which might be limited edition or from Ronza. This base is a very useful utility base that is only obtainable once a year.


For the past few days, I’ve been trying very hard to obtain this base, because this will be the best base in my collection as a Baron. I didn’t cash on this event, so I had to catch some mice at the specified locations that loots Dumpling cheese. I then equip the dumpling cheese to catch mice that drops lanterns and to attract the special customed mice. These customed mice are from the Chinese zodiac. I really like the idea the developers have to add these cute mice. As  a returning player, I haven’t gotten a single LNY base, this year’s base is my first. I’ve heard from many forums that the LNY bases are pretty good and I was very excited to land my hand on one. Finally, after 3-4 days of grinding, and a lot of tilting catches (not catching the mice I need!), I finished the quest which rewarded the base along with some points and gold. How sweet!

Many tilting catches, not attracting the specific mice I needed!


In the middle of the LNY event, the developers also announced another event today, which is the Winter Games Celebration. I have no idea what that means. I thought Winter is over?

Otherwise, you need to somehow attract the mice that drops Torch charm, equip it.

Below is the description of the Torch charm

Apparently, equip-ing it will swap out the charm into something else when a mouse is caught. Interesting…

Huge savings on groceries: Warehouse Club

This is not a sponsored post, whatsoever.

I am promoting a really great way for Singaporeans to save money buying groceries in bulk, or not. Introducing the warehouse club. Sign up for $10 a year if you are a Fairprice member or shareholder. If not, you can get the Warehouse Club membership for $20 a year. I believe that if you want to buy anything cheaply in their store, you will have to register as a member at the warehouse club.

According to their website, things are cheaper up to 10% in multi packs and value packs as compared to their Fairprice outlets (which are already quite cheap). There are also a greater variety of products available there (cannot be found in most retail stores), and some super deals that can be up to 50% off! There are many more benefits and you can find them here.


Below is the sample of their promotions currently on 10th Feb 2018

It is time to make use of this offer to purchase items and drinks in bulk before Chinese New Year!