National Day 2018, FOC, etc.

I guess I am just giving a monthly update of what is going on for the previous few days of my life.

On 9th Aug, we had out national day. It was a good National Day Parade, I would say better than last year. This year’s NDP reminds me of what I did and went through, all the rehearsals and the actual parade last year. It was an tiring yet enriching experience to go through.

Before National Day, I went for Freshmen Orientation Camp (FOC) 2, a bit wild but I found some of the games in Day 1 and Day 2 to be too short and too boring. Some of the games are repeats of what I’ve done in my earlier camps so that is probably the reason why. Overall, we had a wild end, and are still chatting a week later. 

It is great having the opportunity to meet with some of my friends for K singing and one of my friends for Japanese dinner at JCube. It is a long awaited outing. 

Right now, I am editing my first post of the month. I will be very busy going on. University classes is already starting soon.

Near death experience

I nearly died during the trip at Thailand (16 July 2018 – 19 July 2018).

I am still working piecing the traumatic story. Stay tuned?