About Me

Hello reader, I am an individual blogger, or you can call a writer. My name is Jian Yue. I am currently a young teen, seeking out on things I want to do but not regret in life. I started out on this website as I think it can help me review about my life and a place for me to record important events.

I am not paid to do any writing and it is entirely non-profit. Therefore, you will not see biased views of what I think, influenced by any monetary way. I started this website to write about the things I see, I think and I want to share. I read and look into a wide verse of topics, including technology, the society in Singapore (where I live in), I might write about my personal life from time to time and many many more (as I discover).

What I hope for my viewers is to share your personal opinions, whatever you think about my content, so that I can improve my writing skills and understand the world of the greater perspective. I appreciate constructive criticism, your point of view. Please do not spam, or add negative remarks that can otherwise offend other readers or myself. If you love the content that I post, please kindly support me by sharing this blog to other people, because sharing is caring.


Professional writing experience so far?




Trained in Photography and Videography

Yep. I was in media club when I was in Secondary school. Hence, I know how to handle media related equipments.


How do I contact you?

  • For Singapore enquiries/contact: SMS to (number hidden, email me to access)
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As I am usually busy, please schedule a call with me. Do not call directly without a schedule (Thank you). Please do not expect me to reply to every SMS/WhatsApp. I am usually too busy and will most likely just read your messages. Thank you for your support!

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