Sometimes I feel sad

There are times when I feel sad, and angry. I let my feelings go to it. I find myself to be a very tolerant person, but I cannot stand some things that can really trigger me no matter how significant it is. Over the past week, I’ve met quite a lot of issues and problems and I notice that there are certainly some things that can really get me very worked up.

The first thing: betrayal and lies. If one were to betray me or lie to me about something we both cared about (or should), then it will really triggers me to a point it is extremely hard to forgive and forget. I will be extremely angry about and can go hours thinking about it and talking about it. I would sometimes yell, shout at the person or keep quiet — pretending to be calm about it. Depending on the seriousness and significance of the issue, I will approach the issue different, sometimes going to great lengths to patch and resolve it as much as possible coming forward.

The second thing: it bothers me. I usually don’t take things as seriously unless it affects me or bothers me. That is when I have to react to the situation, whether through emotions negatively or positively. There are times when these situations make me feel sad.

The third thing: when I feel left out. I hate being left out something I care so much about and when I was part of it before. I will try my best to join in as much as possible but if it still doesn’t work out, then I really have no idea how I can be part of the ‘cult’, and I probably will give it up altogether eventually.

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