Hallucinogenics by Matt Maeson

I was looking through Youtube on some songs that I can try out singing. Somehow I chanced upon a really good yet simple song that I got hanged on.

I’ve been playing it many times again and again. I can’t believe such a simple written song can have such impact and how catchy it is. Although I have little to no knowledge on song writing and understanding of verses or choruses in songs, I am giving a try in analyzing and getting to understand why this song is just so good that it cannot leave my head. I am even playing this song while I’m writing, taking a break while listening to it and cannot resist singing to the tunes of the song.

Released on Mar 30, 2018. The song was not seemingly as popular as other hits on Youtube, with only about close to 500k views on Youtube and 11k likes. The song is just a little over 3 minutes, contains less than 100 words in lyrics.

The Youtube version features a rather cinematic view of what the music was trying to describe.

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