Website migration

We have just migrated the website from to this website instead. We have also shifted hosting to Owl Hosting Providers (Internet Services) who are the best people in the world! They offer 100% migration and installed a new WordPress blog theme just for us.

All the posts have already been migrated and we are still waiting for the 100% migration, including for widgets, ads, categories, tags and much much more.

We had a lot of performance issues with the past host, being slow, lack of space and we are unable to create posts most of the time. There was always complains with lack of storage space on the old server, the post dialog cannot seem to appear, etc.

With OWL Hosting Providers, at just $899/month (for my enterprise grade version), we get FULL support from them 24/7, occasional off-site backup support, more than 200GB of storage space (unlimited though, upon request — and they are premium storage space), crazy hosting support, entirely managed wordpress blog site (but you can also choose to manage it yourself until it encounters an issue)… and much much more features that other providers do not provide. I’m saying that $899/m is quite costly for most individuals, but they have plans for individual owners and hobbyist who are not likely to pay above $100/m or even $30/m. Yes, that’s right, they have entry-level plans starting at just $5/m and some better plans with expanded storage at $29/m. I wanted a non-crappy, no worries storage and hosting service, so I chose the more expensive package.

What they recommend (advisors)

There are great advisors and consultants that recommend that this website will instead be the beta version of the original website at my root domain for a couple of days to months. This is to ensure everything is in working order for them for full migration, and there is nothing else to move from my main site. I agree with this idea but new content WILL ONLY be posted on this site. They can manage the site everyday and complete the migration and support on the way without affecting a single bit of new content on this website. How amazing! Seemless migration.  I nearly forgot to mention that the migration comes ENTIRELY FREE with my purchased package.


The new installed theme looks more modern

They look much more modern, tell me what you think. I would like to know if it is better than the original website. Design to me is much cleaner and beautiful.

It runs Windows IIS, not Linux

Many may disagree that web hosting should be on LINUX instead, but I think they chose Windows IIS for me as it has greater control and flexibility on the website and future websites that I plan to develop. That’s right! I am planning to utilise and maximise my existing network plan with them by developing more websites, and I might be upgrading the current plan if I require more computing power!

They do say there are several benefits that Windows IIS (Server Datacenter) has over Linux operating system apache servers.

There are a lot more features we don’t know about

There are many more settings and features that we don’t know about and haven’t tested. It is more of a learning journey in web hosting. It is too difficult to cover everything in just one post like this.

Stay tuned for more posts!

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