Huge savings on groceries: Warehouse Club

This is not a sponsored post, whatsoever.

I am promoting a really great way for Singaporeans to save money buying groceries in bulk, or not. Introducing the warehouse club. Sign up for $10 a year if you are a Fairprice member or shareholder. If not, you can get the Warehouse Club membership for $20 a year. I believe that if you want to buy anything cheaply in their store, you will have to register as a member at the warehouse club.

According to their website, things are cheaper up to 10% in multi packs and value packs as compared to their Fairprice outlets (which are already quite cheap). There are also a greater variety of products available there (cannot be found in most retail stores), and some super deals that can be up to 50% off! There are many more benefits and you can find them here.


Below is the sample of their promotions currently on 10th Feb 2018

It is time to make use of this offer to purchase items and drinks in bulk before Chinese New Year!


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